Wolf Visions  

A 501(c) Organization

Wolf Education Programs With Our Lupine Friend!  A New Jersey teacher educates all about wolves! 

Wolf Visions is dedicated to the education, preservation, and restoration of the wolf.

We are here to dispel the myths and legends about the "Big Bad Wolf" and to reveal the importance of their role in keeping a balanced ecosystem.

The message the wolves howl is:  "Little Red Riding Hood Lied!"

Wolf Visions' presentations provide information to develop a basic understanding of communication
 within a wolf pack and their social structure.

Presentations include a visual slide show to
enhance the audience's understanding of wolf communication and behavior within a pack.

The slides also discuss the Yellowstone wolf restoration and the importance of the wolf within its ecosystem.
Viewers are given the opportunity to participate in a question and answer period. 
The highlight of the program is the introduction of our lupine friend.

Wolf Visions provides presentations for schools, libraries, scouts, clubs, environmental centers, and community events. 


Wolf is a born teacher, pathfinder, innogvator, and self starter. 

 A forerunner who brings new ideas to share. 

 If Wolf influences you, your strong sense of family and sharing may inspire you to share knowledge by writing or lecturing. 

 Wolf encourages you to expand your views and to look at new ideas. 

Don't just howl at the moon.....

Reach for it!


                                                                                        FAVORITE LINKS

                       Defenders of Wildlife     Kids Planet       Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary   

                                                                 National Wildlife Federation     


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May 13 - NJ Herald Northern NJ Pet Expo - Skylands Stadium - Augusta, NJ -  10 A.M. - 4 P.M.

June 3 - Great Divide Campground - Green Township, NJ - 11 A.M.

September 9 & 10 - NJ WILD Outdoor Expo, Colliers Mills, 10AM - 5PM

September 16 & 17 - Sparta NJ Renaissance Festival,  Camp Sacajawea, 844 White Lake Rd. Sparta, NJ - 10 AM

October 7 - Sussex County Harvest, Honey & Garlic Festival 10 AM - 4 PM Sussex County Fair Grounds

October 18 - Mahway Public Library - 4 PM

October 21 - Dog Walk of the Dead (One Step Closer Animal Rescue) - Sussex Co. Fair Grounds - 11AM - 4 PM

January 11 - 14, 2018 - Garden State Outdoor Sports Show - Raritan Expo Center, Edison, NJ

April 13 - 15, 2018 - Super Pet Expo Raritan Expo Center, Edison, NJ

Other presentations for scouts, schools, etc. are not listed.


"To look into the eyes of a wolf is to see into another world."


"Improving on nature is impossible.  Restoring it is imperative."

Wolf Visions . . .Wolf Education with our Lupine friend!

To schedule a presentation, please contact:

Wolf Visions
(201) 874-2150
Ask for: Vinnie Reo

Email:  wolfmoon38@earthlink.net

© 2016

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